What We Do

We are a diverse team with extensive experience in Government & industry. We understand the challenges Business Development, Capture, and Proposal Managers face. In-Sight.us provides trusted Government contracting information for professionals seeking to learn, grow, and get ahead in the industry. Our platform allows users to search and track opportunities, network with industry experts, and share insight. We believe working together for the greater good multiplies success!

What is In-Sight.us?

In-Sight.us provides user-friendly access to Government announcements, documents, and opportunity-specific insight from trusted sources enhancing your ability to pursue Government work in a collaborative environment.

Who's on In-Sight.us?

In-Sight.us is composed of Government contracting professionals—business development, capture, and proposal experts—working as Federal contractors, consultants, educators and Government specialists.

Why In-Sight.us?

In-Sight.us is a community utilizing a unique networking platform to search and track opportunities, connect with experts, share information and insight, and conduct Government contract research from trusted data sources.

Subscriptions & Pricing

In-Sight.us membership is simple & affordable for both individuals and companies. For $40/month (or $384/annually) a member has full access to everything In-Sight.us has to offer. For corporate memberships, please contact us.


In-Sight.us allows quick access to vast amounts of trusted data and provides valuable insight through a network of like-minded professionals. Our platform lets members share knowledge and experience, collaborate, and access support across the full breadth of the functional and geographical market. Our intuitive tools assist with bid/no bid decisions, gate reviews, and teaming. In-Sight.us uses instinctive, semantic search capabilities and provides recommendations so members can easily find opportunities and continuously grow in knowledge, stay ahead of federal acquisition changes, and ultimately excel in doing business with the U.S. Government.

In-Sight.us provides members access to volumes of solicitation documentation and federal opportunities, as well as networking capabilities allowing you to connect with industry professionals to enhance your business development, capture, and proposal development pursuits.

1Subscribe to In-Sight.us

A subscription to In-Sight.us is only $40/month (or $384/year if paid in full). The low monthly rate grants you access to everything In-Sight.us has to offer. Memberships are attached to individuals resulting in customization & continuity.

2Create Your Profile

Every In-Sight.us member creates their own unique profile, easily incorporating their own content. Your profile page is a gateway for networking with industry professionals.

3Search & Connect

In-Sight.us utilizes sophisticated search capabilities drawing in trusted Government & Industry data. Track opportunities and connect with other In-Sight.us members to help you succeed in the contracting arena.

Keep Opportunity In-Sight!

In-Sight.us is specifically designed to address the informational challenges of business development, capture, and proposal operations for Government Contractors. In-Sight.us allows you to:

Track Opportunities

Search opportunities drawn from trusted Government data sources using our sophisticated search capabilities & track them in organized watch lists.

Share Insight

Share and obtain actionable opportunity & market insight from an extensive network of Industry and Government professionals.


Easily access our vast repository of research data, member insight, opportunities and contracts to grow your knowledge and stay ahead.


Connect and communicate with Government & Industry contracting professionals to support your contracting endeavors.

Be Mobile

Membership includes a mobile application allowing members to receive updates, search documents & opportunities, and stay connected.

Access Documents

Access millions of documents ranging from solicitation artifacts to SME insight, as well as documents no longer available on Government sites.


The In-Sight.us platform allows users to access trusted Government data, network, and tailor the information to suit your individual needs & capitalize.


COMING SOON! We have built intuitive, analytical reporting tools to help you succeed. Have an idea or a need? Let us know and we’ll build a tool for you!


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